THINGY DINGY, while not real original, is what Zach and Keegan wanted to name the OPTI; they also wanted to "Splatter Paint" the sides!  Dad insisted on having a little bit of varnish on the Brazilian Cherry rubrails (that's what I had on hand)!
After the obligatory toast to NEPTUNE we officially christened the boat and sprayed sparkling cider all over everyone!
All loaded up and Dad's LASER on the trailer
Last minute rigging by Dad.  Zach watches while Keegan swills the last of the cider!!!
More important, last minute INSTRUCTIONS from Dad!  Keeg had the helm, Zach took care of sail trim.
Cast off and set sail!  Watch out for Dad's LASER w/ the brand new paint job!!!
Hey!  It floats, it really does!!!