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DT 4/14/19

There's nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats!  KG
Me sailing my Hampton on Mobjack Bay, VA 1984
 Somewhere south of Bermuda, Nov 2000
NYC Oct, 1997 aboard the 12 Meter  WEATHERLY


Rigging on a snowy dock 2/9/03 Washington Sailing Marina.    Photo credit unknown (probably Nabeel)
2004 Newport Bermuda Race.  Waves: 8'+ Wind: 25-32 Gusts to 41!!!  Wow.  What a fun three hours on the wheel!
Harbor Cup, Oct 2014, a blustery day.
Oxford Race, Sep 2013, second day of a nine day cruise.
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Dinghy cruising in INDONESIA, 2018

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